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Learn Forward

A calling to cultivate curiosity, explore relentlessly, seek truth,
and change the world for good both as individuals
and in community.

Early Years

Curiosity is our currency during the early years.

Learning Stories

Literacy + Language

Learning Through Play

Self Regulation

Primary Years

From Kindergarten to Grade 2 growing and thriving in independence, joy and creativity is our goal.

Personalized Learning Plans

Reading For Meaning

Portfolios + Portfolio Celebrations

Social Learning

Intermediate Years

From Grade 3 to Grade 5 we focus on building a foundation that allows students to discover and recognize their competencies and potential.

Personalized Learning Plans

Financial Literacies

Entrepreneurship Program

Democratic Class Meetings

Middle Years

During this time of incredible brain growth, our Middle Years program challenges youth in a three-pillar approach of project-based learning, passion projects and community service learning.

Passion Projects

Project-based Learning

Community Service + Social Action

Digital Portfolios + 1:1 Tablet Environment

What's New

Reaching Into a New Season

It feels like the arrival of March brings with it the exhale of winter and the promise of new life….

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Learning is a Celebration of Process

I am right in the middle of the audiobook version of Atomic Habits, by James Clear. In it, Clear explains…

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Getting Ready for Kindergarten

As the parent of a young child, you are no stranger to firsts.  You have already embraced the excitement and…

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Culture Matters in Thriving Communities

At Willowstone Academy we value creating rich, healthy, authentic culture for the sake of the thriving child. When culture is…

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