Due to rapid changes in our global community there is a call for graduates who can do more than regurgitate knowledge; the call is for students who confidently think critically and creatively, are spiritually grounded and committed to being changemakers. Like never before, education must evolve, even at the youngest ages.

Holistic Education

At Willowstone Academy, we are on the forefront of creating a holistic education and care environment that meets the individual needs of students, where your child will develop their mind, body, and spirit building a foundation for the future.

First Lutheran Church launched the school in the Lakeshore facility in 2004 with the vision for meeting the needs of families in the community with a unique and innovative approach to education that weaves in an invitation to explore spiritual truth.

Our exceptional teaching team delivers unparalleled education right here in the Mission of Kelowna!  Yet, because we are inclusive, our community commits to offer an affordable private school education for your child(ren) to help families offset costs, because we believe in making a great education available to all.

At our school, being excellent and distinct isn’t just rhetoric, it’s reality.  We all agree, “ Willowstone Academy is a wonderful place!”  Each student is warmly welcomed into a safe education and care environment in a facility created for learning with lots of natural light and great educational spaces!

Learning is the celebration of each day as we explore life, truth, and meaning together.

Thank you for taking the time to explore our inclusive and innovative learning community.

We invite you to book a tour to experience our learning community for yourself.

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