An Invitation to the Most Important Journeys of a Child

If you’ve ever wondered whether you are doing a good job as a parent or educator, you are not alone.

It’s human nature to care deeply and want to do better, especially when it comes to our children.  And yet, there are no easy answers because every child is unique and constantly evolving through new stages and seasons of growth.

Learn Forward is a book, a philosophy and an innovative learning model. It’s an invitation for parents and educators to understand what is most important to a child from their perspective from the inside out.

But it’s not ‘the answer’ because no one has all the answers. The blessing of Learn Forward is in the exploration guided by powerful reminders of the journeys and practices that matter most to a child.

It reaches beneath outdated structures, industrial thinking, and competitive measurement to ask questions leading to more enlightened choices.

One step at a time. Every journey inextricably linked to the whole.

It’s about learning, moving forward with your child and reaching out for joy.

With a deeper understanding of the five journeys, we envision parents and educators collaborating around the Table of Learning for meaningful conversations about co-designing a more organic educational path for a child.

We see parents and educators embracing Learn Forward together with children to champion their extraordinary potential, providing the unique handholds each child needs to grow, overcome, and choose thriving.

We hope your exploration leads you to some powerful insights and even more powerful questions.

Thank you for being, becoming and believing with us on this journey.  Welcome.  It’s just the beginning.

Learn Forward,

Karine Veldhoen

Author + Founder, Learn Forward

Chief Learning Officer, Willowstone Academy

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