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What Roots You?

Our theme for the 2018-19 school year is “Rooted!” At Willowstone Academy, we are focused on exploring: What best nourishes…

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Rooted! How Your Story Grounds Our Community

“What are the stories from your summer?”, our Chief Learning Officer, Karine Veldhoen, asked the 29 Willowstone Academy staff members…

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Resting in Relationship

We did it! We finished our 2017/18 school year at Willowstone Academy! And we finished well together! With a heart…

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It’s the Little Things

The mantra that grounds me most and has become my best reminder when things get hard is one of the…

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You Belong Here

In her latest executive update for our 2018/19 registration season, our Chief Learning Officer, Karine Veldhoen, writes about the ways…

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