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In her latest executive update for our 2018/19 registration season, our Chief Learning Officer, Karine Veldhoen, writes about the ways that our dreams are manifesting as we “Ignite Our Potential!” this year.

One of those dreams is a dream of diversity. She writes, “Through our diverse family, I am reminded to open my heart wide and love big! Learning is best when we embrace multiplicities and challenge ourselves to be change-makers for good! It is the ‘Jesus Path.'”

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At Willowstone Academy, we are intentionally holding space for the dream of diversity to be realized in our community.

As our community reaches big and wide, diversity becomes an increasingly complex conversation, filled more with questions than answers:

  • How can we offer diversity in a Christian school?
  • What does that mean for families that practice Christianity?
  • What does that mean for families that don’t?
  • What does this mean for how our little community will grow and change?

Friends, I don’t have easy answers to those questions. There are times when I wish I could wrap up a difficult question with a beautiful bow. The truth is that, at this stage of our growth and development, we are holding those questions wide open, leaning into the discomfort and messiness of the unknown with you. This is courageous space! It takes a very strong community to embrace this complexity with hearts wide open.


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Real change happens when complex questions are whole-heartedly welcomed and embraced by people with different thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. A thriving learning community is one that understands that the dream of diversity is never fully achieved. It is always a process of “Becoming” and “Belonging”.

We were created to belong to each other.

Our community has  entered a season of great and complex growth, in which every way that we are becoming seems to be challenged in the best ways possible. We are asking:

  • What is our best contribution?
  • How are we re-imagining our relationships as a complex community?
  • What does thriving look like today?
  • Where are the gaps and how do we best fill them?

Like never before, our growth is shaping our dreams into reality. We have reached a point where we must decide what matters most in order to simplify the complexity of a rapidly-growing and diverse community.

What I know for sure is that your family belongs here.

We are better because of our diversity.

We belong to each other.

We are becoming better every day as we ask questions and lean into a conversation about how we build thriving community together. Modelling this for our children is truly the greatest gift of all!

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Making Learning Visible,

Heather Sandager, Admissions Advisor