It’s the Little Things

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The mantra that grounds me most and has become my best reminder when things get hard is one of the first Learn Forward graphics that was created a few years ago:

Simple. Succinct. Truth.

This past week in Chapel, one simple moment reminded me of this all-important truth. We were singing our closing song, “10,000 Reasons”. My left ear caught the boisterous, angelic voice of a grade 1 student unabashedly belting out this song behind me. I took a peek back and saw her fully wrapped-up and immersed in her whole-hearted expression of worship. O, my heart!

In this one simple moment, the complexities of community washed away and I was left with what matters most – the children.

It is all too easy to let life become a storm of busyness; where time always feels too short and problems are overwhelmingly complex. Some days, we just don’t want to “adult” anymore.

Our children are God’s gift to remind us that it’s the little things in life that can be the most profoundly grounding. They embody the values of slowing down, noticing, savouring, and delighting in the small things.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed at our school! We have carefully and intentionally designed a learning community that puts rest and play in the foreground.

  • Our low-homework philosophy encourages parents and children to eat well, play together, and return to school well-rested and ready to learn!
  • Our Learn Forward platform supports parents by educating them on how to identify meaningful moments that are already happening, rather than adding more to your plate.
  • Our unstructured, daily recess playtimes allows for our students to navigate their relationships and integrate their learning by moving their bodies in the fresh air!
  • Our teachers incorporate mindfulness practices into their classroom culture to cultivate healthy habits of self-care and awareness.


Students fall into mindful rest with the Take A Breath program.

Daily Appreciation Circle to close the day in Ms. Harris’ class.

When life gets busy – and it always does – may you find simplicity when you focus on what matters most.

Making Learning Visible,

Heather Sandager, Admissions Advisor