What Roots You?

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Our theme for the 2018-19 school year is “Rooted!”

At Willowstone Academy, we are focused on exploring:

What best nourishes our community’s root system?

What enables us to grow branches that reach wide beyond our school?   

We are convinced that all healthy growth emanates from being rooted in healthy relationships.

We’ve all heard the airplane safety announcement, “If you are travelling with small children, please put on your oxygen mask before assisting others”.  This analogy is used often to impart the importance of caring for yourself in order to offer your best care to another.

The same holds true when considering how to nourish your child’s roots for a successful future. As parents, we can’t just give our children our best advice for life without first doing the hard work of modelling healthy relationships.

You have to put on your oxygen mask first.

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What is the work that nourishes a life rooted in healthy relationships?

We have no further to look than our Learn Forward model, which illustrates the 5 most important journeys of a child:






To go back to the oxygen mask analogy, it would then make sense to consider how you make meaning of each of these journeys in your own life first. Take a few minutes to slowly read through the following questions and see how they resonate with you. If journaling is a useful tool for you, take a few more minutes and journal about what you notice and discover.

Which journey feels most important to you right now?

Which one feels strange, foreign, or hard to understand?

What family rituals and traditions do you have that support any of these journeys? From your own childhood? In your adult life?

What relationships did you have as a child that rooted your own 5 journeys?

Once you are able to see the 5 most important journeys in your own life, your child’s unique journey will come alive before your eyes.

You are your child’s best bet!

We are so honoured to be a part of your family’s journey as you raise your child into a changemaking adult. We’re in this together!

Rest, Play, Grow – Making Sense of Preschoolers (Or Anyone Who Acts Like It)” by Dr. Deborah MacNamara is our gift to every school family at Willowstone Academy.

As part of our “Rooted” theme, we want to take a community-wide exploration into what nourishes our root system – at home and at school.  Dr. MacNamara’s work is foundational for every family with children of every age.

You can pick up your family’s free copy at the school office anytime between Monday, October 22nd to Friday, October 26th.

Making Learning Visible,

Heather Sandager, Community Developer