Creating Community at the Table

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“When we all contribute something to the table, we can create a great feast to share…Food is God’s most basic way of saying, ‘I love you'”.

The powerful opening lines of the Grade 2 Chapel this week perfectly captured the heart of our school’s signature Learn Forward philosophy, which outlines the five most important journeys of a child:

  • Faith – We are loved by God and He provides for us.
  • Worthiness – Though we are young, we have something of value to bring to the table.
  • Selfhood – My personal contribution matters.
  • Belonging – Our collective work can be shared.
  • Changemaking – What we have to share impacts and nourishes our community for the greater good.

Our Grade 2 class has been exploring a “Cooking” theme this year. Every week since September, they have chopped, measured, and stirred up something new to share with one another.

This fall, they became inspired by the folk tale, “Stone Soup”, in which a whole community is fed by the power of individual contributions and decided to use what they had to feed many. 

The Grade 2 class decided to create a fundraiser called, “SOUPer Kids” and sold their very own class-made soup to staff and students over two weeks in December and two weeks in January.

In December, they raised enough money to purchase 30 pairs of pjs to donate to The Save Kindness Society.

This month, they sold enough soup to donate  $517.47 to the The Salvation Army Central Okanagan Food Bank.

What happens when you take an outwardly simple classroom theme and steep it in a philosophy that invites, embraces, includes, values, and asks for more?

“We can create a feast to share”

Like a perfect dessert at the end of a fabulous meal, our Grade 2 changemakers perfectly summed up their learning with these faith-filled words:

“God is always…
Taking the nothing and making it everything.
Taking the emptiness and filling it.
Taking the darkness and making it light.
It’s what He’s been doing forever.”

Our students are leading our community in BIG ways! 

The Table conversation continues with the arrival of  Dr. Deborah MacNamara, developmentalist and author of the best-selling book, Rest, Play, Grow: Making Sense of Preschoolers (Or Anyone Who Acts Like One) for an evening parent workshop and conversation, “Connect at the Family Table”.  Come and savour in a thought provoking walk around our most basic human needs and nature’s answer to feeding our kids.

This event will take place on Thursday, February 21st from 6:30 – 8:00pm. This event is FREE for all current Willowstone Academy parents. Please see your Weekly Highlights for ticket details.

General Admission tickets for the public are available at We hope you’ll join us!


Making Learning Visible,

Heather Sandager, Community Developer