Celebration of Learning

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Although my calendar states that it is the month of June, I am finding it hard to accept that we are already at the end of another school year.  Is it just me, or has the time gone particularly fast since January?

The saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun!” rings true for many of us at Willowstone Academy as we look back over our 2018-2019 school year.  It has been a time of nourishing our roots, reaching upwards towards new opportunities each day, and cultivating joy along the way!

As an Educator, June is typically the month where I see humorous memes that try to express how tired we all feel.

It’s true.  We are tired, and as the end of a school year comes to a close, it can be overwhelming to think about all that we may still want to impart to our students. Learning takes a great deal of energy!  It is hard work to grow!!

However, as tired as I am,  I love this time of year because it feels great to look back and reflect on all that we have accomplished together. There may still be things that we need to learn or develop and we may wish that we did things better or differently, but taking the time to acknowledge the process feels amazing!

These celebrations of learning are expressed differently throughout our school because our growth is holistic – academic, social, physical, spiritual and  emotional.  Thus, the celebrations are holistic as well.  It is not just through Report Cards that we celebrate our growth.

Here are some of the “celebrations” that I have noticed this past week:

Reading assessments to track growth:

School Wide Write“Why I love my school!”

Classroom Presentations – Book Talks

Classroom Surprises – Lollipop Tree Blossomed after lots of care


Celebrating community through games and protocols

More unstructured outdoor play!

Divisional Track Meet  – celebrating our school in the greater community

Year End Field Trips

Taking the time to reflect on the learning process together is like tying a beautiful bow on a package and handing it to a child.  It is a way of wrapping up our year of learning together, revealing evidence of growth and development.

As we spend these final weeks together, I look forward to looking back and acknowledging the process all that we have accomplished and learned during 2018-2019.