Local School Celebrates 25th Anniversary

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, September 6, 2019 – Kelowna, BC. Twenty-five years ago, three students and one teacher/principal, gathered for the first day of school in a small Sunday School room in First Lutheran Church on Bernard Ave.


Twenty-five years later, in the Lower Mission, in the school’s second location on Lakeshore Road, Willowstone Academy now serves over 240 students from Preschool to Grade 9 with twelve months of seamless education and care.


“The celebration of our 25th anniversary is further marked by major growth and development projects in our school this year,” notes the school’s Chief Learning Officer, Karine Veldhoen. “A two-year student inquiry led to the construction of a produce garden and outdoor learning space on our play field and we have expanded both our preschool and daycare programs.”


This morning, the students, staff, parents, and special guests celebrated the opening of the school’s largest development project for the year; their new home for grade 6 to 9 students, Middle Years Lane. City Councillor, Maxine DeHart, was present on behalf of the City of Kelowna to share her support for the project and to celebrate the growth of the school.


“The middle school years are pivotal years in human development. Children are at once emerging into adolescence and independence and yet still need to play and find security in healthy student-teacher relationships,” Veldhoen explains. “Middle Years Lane is an extension of our school’s learning space where Grade 6 to 9 students are personally invested in to ensure that they know that they are seen, valued, and nurtured as they grow into adulthood. We are grateful for the support from our parent community, our church and school boards, and the City of Kelowna.”

Students at Willowstone Academy are safe, accepted, and respected because of the school’s values of diversity, inclusion, and fair treatment of all children. Limited space is still available for this current school year. Learn more by contacting them at www.willowstoneacademy.com.