Building our Culture of Philanthropy Together

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There is just something so pure and true about letting our children lead us. It reminds me of what matters most – that what our church community dreamed of over a quarter century ago, and when the doors of our school opened 25 years ago, what was planted was good. And what has grown is good. And what we can continue to build together in community is beautiful!

We know that a major method of achieving that is in creating a culture of philanthropy in our community.

Philanthropy is the “love of humans”. Through collaboration, working towards a common goal, and sharing our gifts of time, treasure, and professional expertise, this love grows and multiplies to create sustainability for an organization.

Our community overflows with examples of how, together, we are building our culture of philanthropy. I see it in our Grade 2 SOUPer Kids, who raised $306.00 to donate to the Salvation Army Food Bank by initiating a lunchtime fundraiser. I see it in a gift in memoriam from a church member, who wants our school continue to flourish. I see it in our Middle Years Student Ambassadors who have a well-rounded wish list for programming and enhancements for all of the children in our school. I see it in the many parent volunteers who offer their time and professional expertise to support our community. I see it in the parents who donate above and beyond their tuition to help us create sustainability for our future.

Our history has proven over the years that we can achieve really big things when we work together. We keep rising and we keep reaching for what we believe in – a community that educates children and inspires love. Our culture is already living and breathing philanthropy with every act of love.

It is a joy to present the Play + Programming campaign for Willowstone Academy.

In collaboration with our Student Ambassadors, Parent Teacher League, Teaching Team, Administration, and School Board, we have identified our goals for this campaign. Your support of our Play + Programming campaign will allow us to:

  • Enhance our academic programming for all students,
  • Build an endowment fund to attract and retain world-class educators,
  • Offer scholarship opportunities to grow our diverse community,
  • Create more outdoor play options for students, and
  • Provide additional professional and growth opportunities for our faculty and staff.

Our campaign goal is $100,000.

Join us in building our learning community. I would love to meet with you to share how you can contribute in small and big ways. Every contribution makes a difference! Please call or email me or visit our website to learn about campaign opportunities and how you or your business can donate. 

Thank you for continuing to build community with us today and also into our future. 


Building our Future Together,

Heather Sandager, Community Developer