Culture Matters in Thriving Communities

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At Willowstone Academy we value creating rich, healthy, authentic culture for the sake of the thriving child.

When culture is healthy and clear, it holds children with the security, familiarity, certainty, and warmth of a big hug from their favourite person.

Xavier Mouton for Unsplash

And, like a big hug, our school community values co-creating healthy culture so that your child’s experience at school feels secure and loving – so that they are free to reach toward their potential in learning and life. 

Six years ago, we launched the official rebrand of our school. It was a celebration of honouring the seeds that our pioneering First Lutheran Church family sowed and nurtured 25 years ago, as we reached into our future with a clear sense of who we are and what we believe as Willowstone Academy.

Celebrating the announcement of our brand new name and logo, “Willowstone Academy”! January, 2014

The culture that we built was made most tangibly evident in the design and creation of our school’s Manifesto – a document that clearly describes our community’s beliefs, values, and aspirations.

These words have become a lived experience in our community. We see evidence of it in big and small ways: in the mural on the landing of our main stairs, in our promotional video, in student artwork, Chapel presentations, and in our very way of being in relationship with one another. 

Our Manifesto holds our community and reminds us that:

  • We are rooted in faith, hope, and love
  • We embrace failure as a part of the process
  • Every child has extraordinary potential
  • We love because God loves us
  • Vulnerability and diversity make us stronger
  • We invite all to the table
  • We are better in relationship

What do you hear when you read our Manifesto?

How does our school culture influence your family life?

Where does it feel messy or unclear?

Where do you see natural alignment between home and school?

It is in brave, honest, intentional exchanges in relationship with one another that we can co-create culture where we all belong.

When children feel safely and securely held, only then are they free to reach for their extraordinary potential. It is our responsibility as adults to ensure that we are co-creating thriving culture together, for the sake of all children at Willowstone Academy. 

It is an honour to be in relationship with your family.

Building Community Together, 

Heather Sandager, Community Developer