Getting Ready for Kindergarten

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As the parent of a young child, you are no stranger to firsts.  You have already embraced the excitement and celebrated a myriad of developmental milestones and unforgettable moments with your child.

First smiles, first steps and first words…
and now your child is on the brink of another significant first
the first year of school!

Don’t be surprised if the inevitable arrival of this first is accompanied by mixed emotions; after all, it is also coupled with excitement and a new awareness for many parents that their child is growing up.  The transition from the “preschool” years into the first year of “school” can be described as both delightful and daunting for children and parents alike, filled with joy and anticipation in one moment and then fraught with feelings of worry and anxiety in the next.  As parents, we want our children to embrace this monumental milestone with courage and curiosity.  However, this can be a challenge to orchestrate when we are unsure whether or not our child is ready.

If Kindergarten is looming on your horizon, you might be pondering the question that is on the mind of many other parents, “Is my child ready for Kindergarten?”  To bring some clarity to the complexity of this question, I believe that it is beneficial to answer another question first…

What is Kindergarten Readiness?As you can see, there is not one specific indicator of Kindergarten readiness.

To illustrate this further and hopefully put your mind at ease, let’s take a peek into the Preschool journey toward Kindergarten readiness to see what it might look like…




Do you see Kindergarten Readiness? I certainly do!  These photos highlight the dynamic social nature of learning and the ability of children to engage independently and socially as they discover who they are and the world they live in.  The development of each child’s social and emotional, personal and physical, language, and intellectual skills are silently woven through each image.

Essentially, the journey to Kindergarten is a social process that began at home with you, as your child’s first teacher. During the early years, from birth to age 8, children are developing relationships with others as they explore the world around them.  By continuing to provide a variety of experiences, you are supporting your child’s evolving development of social, emotional, physical, language and intellectual skills.

If your child’s journey appears to be a little different than that of their peers, don’t despair.  Each child is unique, complete with their own individual characteristics and learning profile that will develop and change as they grow. Remember, you know your child best and have the greatest impact on preparing them for school as they continue to develop strong language and social skills by simply enjoying quality time together as the first day of Kindergarten approaches.

— Sherry Parker, ECE Team Lead