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School parent, Jeffie Bridge, shares her family’s ups and downs of eLearning and how she is learning that “My best, and their best, is more than enough.” 

We are so grateful to the WA staff and teachers for the immeasurable time and effort that surely went into having a program ready for our kids on March 30th.  


After intentionally avoiding as much technology as possible for our kids, we suddenly found ourselves utterly dependent upon it, overwhelmed and overwrought for the first few days of home learning. So many changes in such a short period of time! (There were some tears.)


We quickly realized we had a lot of letting go to do, in particular letting go of our expectations that we should and could recreate our former lives during these strange times.  So we opened the windows wide and threw a few things out. 

With the support and encouragement of our teachers and Mrs. V., we are prioritizing our literacy and numeracy work.  I really appreciate the delineation between must-dos and could-dos.  Anything extra we pursue is because it is something that brings us joy and fits with our family plans and priorities for the day.  Some days that means we are done by 11:30. Other days, we are on fire and buzzing on topics until closer to 4 or 5pm. I am grateful to feel leeway on this and I am trying not to be upset about screen time.  It’s all just relentless — trying to squeeze in some work, support home learning, maintain family well-being, manage household stuff – totally relentless. And wow, are we messy people. I had an inkling but no actual idea how serious the situation was.


I love the template and because it’s been the same since day one, we all know what to expect and what to do. I print it out for each kid, and they highlight their must-dos, speciality class times or breakout groups, work tasks that need to be uploaded, and anything else that sparks their interest.  As they finish each task, they cross if off on the template. This routine is working for us and we are pleasantly surprised to see how independent they can be in their work.  It’s an unexpected opportunity for them to develop good study habits early. 


We are also prioritizing physical movement and outside time as this helps all of us get through the day.  We skip and scooter in our driveway, or take the dog for a walk or jog before school.  In the afternoons, we often go for a hike or bike ride or I set them up with Joe Wick for a PE-blast before dinner.   And, let’s be real, some days the kids play Prodigy, typing club, or watch shows while I scramble through whatever adulting can’t wait. 


My best, and their best, is more than enough.  I’m trying hard to have grace with that.