Building Responsibility in Grade 3

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The  Grade 3 class has been “Building Character” throughout the year by focusing on one specific character trait each month, asking essential questions about the importance of the trait, and reflecting on how we have been incorporating it into our daily lives.  Ironically enough, the character trait that we chose for April was “Building Responsibility”.  Little did we know that students would be a part of an unprecedented time where taking responsibility for themselves would be so crucial for themselves and beneficial for their families.  

Woven into the K-5 plans (Living Learning Lab) have been opportunities for students to learn and practice life skills, while contributing to their households.  Students have had to learn how to manage themselves in on-line spaces, take responsibility to follow an e-learning plan and upload their work to freshgrade.  Additionally, many have learned how to fold laundry, prepare food, organize a space and help with the gardening.  What an amazing way to build responsibility!