Leading Our Kids Back to School

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As we gradually return to school, Willowstone Academy is focused on safety in our learning environment for our students and families.  In order to achieve this goal, we integrate data from our community, experts, and wisdom from our team.

While we are diligently documenting our safety plans, we are also creating a brave space, one where we take on challenges together and aren’t afraid of doing hard things.

Our wisdom in creating brave spaces is steeped in developmental, attachment-based theory.  It is so helpful for our parents to educator themselves on this perspective.  Dr. Deborah Macnamara has published this incredible video instructing us on how to lead our children back to school in healthy ways.

“All of the research on resiliency is really clear, we are built to get through hard things if we are attached as a child to adults who have a strong, caring relationship with us, who take the lead.”

It is a forcefield around our heart.

The video answers questions like:

  • How to reduce alarm and anxiety for our children?
  • Will my child learn at school?
  • What about why some children are returning and others not?
  • What if I feel unsure or ambivalent?
  • How can I support my children through their big emotions?

Tons of practical advice.

I hope you take the time to watch this invaluable resource for leading our children back to school.  It is within this Learn Forward spirit that we confidently move into this next season.

For the sake of the children,

Karine Veldhoen