ECE Illness Policy


No one enjoys being sick. While we ensure our learning environments are clean and sanitized on a daily basis, it is inevitable that your child will get sick as their immune system is still developing. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you have an alternate child care plan for days when your child is not feeling well and will be unable to attend school and/or daycare.

For the health and safety of our children, families, and staff, we require that the Willowstone Academy Early Childhood Education (ECE) Department’s Illness Policy be followed by all families and caregivers. Children who are not feeling well enough to participate in all aspects of the scheduled programming, including our daily outdoor time, should not attend school and/or daycare. Children who are not able to fully participate in the program and/or are presenting with one or more of the following symptoms are not to attend:

In the event that a child begins to develop early signs and symptoms of an illness while in our care, the parent will be notified in order to make alternate work arrangements to allow for the early pick up of their child and/or arrange for a doctor’s appointment.

If a child becomes unable to participate in the scheduled programming and/or becomes seriously ill, the parent will be required to come immediately to pick up their child. If we are unable to reach the parent, the child’s emergency contacts will be called. If the emergency contacts are unavailable and the staff feel that it is an emergency, an ambulance will be called. Please know that while an ill child is in our care, our staff will do their best to keep the child as calm and comfortable as possible until they are picked up.

A link to our “Stay at Home Guide” for COViD-19 can be found here.

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