Primary Years

Kindergarten to Grade 2

Growing and thriving in independence, joy and creativity is our goal. The work of becoming literate is transformed into a personalized journey owned by the individual learner.

Along the journey, we celebrate uniqueness and engage in playfulness to reach optimal potential as literate explorers of the world.


"Student To Teacher Ratio Is A Huge Plus"

- Jeff (Harshad) Thomlinson
Entrepreneur and Yogi, Tandava Yoga

We chose Willowstone Academy primarily for the educational component because it was a perfect fit for our girls and the student to teacher ratio is a huge plus. Willowstone Academy is preparing our girls on lots of levels for what’s going to unfold, even to the extent of technology and the practicalities of living a life in the 21st century. The school is providing a number of components that we’re going to parallel in our relationship at home.

"My Son Comes Home Singing Every Day"

- Kurt Hagemeister
Willowstone Academy Parent

My son comes home singing every day. Chapel at Willowstone Academy is having a profound impact on our boys because it’s about community, connectedness and tradition. We were not particularly religious in our home but the lessons rooted in our faith that the boys take away from Chapel every week underscore our beliefs and most deeply held values. It’s become a treasured part of our boys weekly routine. We love the singing and conversations it inspires at home.

"IQ and Social Emotional Intelligence"

- Dr. Greg Wetterstrand
Associate Professor in Education, UBC Okanagan

Schools are being defined on an ever changing basis and a great deal of emphasis is placed on IQ, the intellect. Today, we have a much more balanced approach where IQ is really important but EQ, emotional intelligence, is also important. Having a social emotional intelligence, being able to relate to people and work in groups is essential for learners.

"Creating Successful Futures"

- Miranda Webb-Hagemeister
Parent + Business Strategist,

The way our boys (Grades 1 and 4) learning and growth are unfolding at Willowstone Academy because of its holistic learning approach during these formative years is extraordinary. Willowstone University? Yes, please! The strength of the foundation our boys are building is preparing them to get the most out of their education so they can leap forward with confidence and create a successful future.

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